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True North Yoga in Schroon Lake, NY
The magnetic needle always points to the north, and hence it is that the sailing vessel does not lose her direction.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
(India, 1836-1886)

Take a deep breath. Move and stretch with awareness. Strengthen your muscles and bones. Quiet your mind. Relax into the present moment. Feel your center. Discover your True North. Experience Yoga.

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  • Debbie’s classes have changed me. A year ago I showed up with stiff joints, flabby arms and a crummy body image. Gradually I have gained flexibility, strength & less flab! And acceptance. Yoga has helped me accept and begin to love the body that has served me well all these years.  Debbie checks in with each student at the start and adjusts the class to their needs. Her voice is gentle and kind, creating a space in which one can leave the world behind for an hour and just be.  What a great gift to give yourself!
     Anne Gregson
       Fan Since 1/2010
I love Debbie's yoga classes. Debbie has helped me discover what yoga means for me and how to incorporate it into my daily life. She s changed my whole outlook on life. I try to take at least 2 of her classes each week and I feel much more toned and relaxed than I have in years. It is also a pleasure to be in a room with a person who is so calming and soothing that she can get you to relax enough to move your body a little further into a position. I have been taking yoga classes for years, but never felt I was accomplishing much. I do now. Her classes have been life changing for me and I feel so lucky that she chose to live, practice and teach her yoga here in Schroon Lake.
Mary McDonald
Student since 8/2009